Beco Feast PRO is a new and professional way to experience feasting!

by SHERGINA ASYA on Nov 04, 2022

Beco Feast PRO is a new and professional way to experience feasting!

We present a new and improved device of the Beco Feast line - Feast PRO. The novelty received increased battery capacity, liquid volume and increased number of clouds, as well as support for charging via Type-C.

Feast PRO has kept the basic concept in its design, keeping the classic shape of the handle but adding a fancy design with a matte UV coating. In addition to the exterior design, we have also worked on the internal design, using capacity and patented design to apply cross-industry product design technologies to prevent not only oil leaks, but also oil spit problems. With all these innovations, the device fits perfectly in the hand and weighs only 61.5 g.

The main feature of the novelty is an enlarged 800 mAh battery that extends the life of the device and comes with a rechargeable Type-C battery that can be fully charged up to two times, so you can enjoy the e-juice to the last drop.

The Feast PRO is equipped with outstanding and improved features, such as mesh coils that use more cotton compared to standard wire spools. This allows the wrapper can sustain more e-juice since it is thicker. By the way, the e-juice capacity has been increased to 13ml with 6500 puffs. In turn, they are in long lasting performance and a more intense flavor profile also thanks to the improved airflow and an expanded mouthpiece opening.

As for the flavors, the products are filled with 12 mind-blowing flavors, from fruit blends to drinks and desserts, such as Jasmine Grape, Watermelon Coconut, Strawberry Ice Cream, and many more that will give you a real feast!

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