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To keep abreast of cutting-edge advances in the industry, businesses have to participate in relevant conversations. It shows how much of their customers' and stakeholders’ interest they have at heart. That’s perhaps one thing that makes Becovape unique.


Introduction of Becovape

The inspiration behind this brand is the Toucan bird, a beautiful bird found in the lush tropical forests of South America. It is an emblem of the modern human, capturing the image of an optimistic and energetic individual. As a modern person faced with a demanding job and busy personal life, indulging yourself in relaxation helps to refocus and supply you with the fresh confidence to approach life.

Again, the Toucan bird feasts on the tastiest fruits in the jungle. Similarly, through many fruit-flavored products, Becovape helps you relax and burst forth in high spirits as you go about each day.  


Vape Expos in September 2022

Becovape, in an attempt to improve its products for customers, attended two major vape expos in September. And there, they displayed their new products. These events took place in Dortmund and Indonesia and were well attended by notable names in the market.


  • Intertabac Dortmund 2022 Vape ShowIntertabac Dortmund 2022 Vape Show

Intertabac is a renowned annual expo in the vaping community. It is the world's largest trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories. Thus, as Becovape is a vaping product manufacturing company, it makes sense that they were present at the event. And the fact that they were in attendance signified that they are a key stakeholder in the vaping community.  





  • Vapefair 2022 Vape Show

This event took place in Indonesia. And it is organized to meet the needs of high-end vaping community stakeholders such as vapers, manufacturers, and vape distributors. Hence, the discussions and interactions centered around how the vaping ecosystems could progress. The event itself is a major one that has become a milestone for the vape industry growth in Southeast Asia. And, of course, Becovape was present to grace and contribute to the event.

Vapefair 2022 Vape Show


The Best Disposable Vapes for Max Puffs on the Go [2022]

Becovape just came up with new products that have attracted huge vapers' communities worldwide at these expos. So, you should get one for yourself. Check them out below.

  • Beco SlimThis is available in many flavors, such as apple ice, banana ice, blueberry raspberry, bubblegum ice, grape ice, mango ice, peach ice, peach mango ice, rainbow, and spearmint. You can take up to 4500 puffs with it. And it includes 10 pieces per set. The sleek look and beautiful style would draw you at first sight.

  • Beco Feast: This vape is available in the following flavors: apple ice, banana shake, blackberry ice, cotton candy, lemon mint, peach mango ice, pineapple coconut, raspberry watermelon, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon ice. You can take about 3000 puffs with this. There are 10 pieces in a set. And yes, it combines great aesthetics with function.
  • Beco Soft: The available flavors are apple ice, banana shake, blackberry ice, cotton candy, lemon mint, peach mango ice, pineapple coconut, raspberry watermelon, strawberry kiwi, and watermelon ice. And you take up to 6000 puffs with this vape. Also, 10 pieces are available in a set.


Becovape will also attend Vape Expo Paris 2022 on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2022. Thus, if you are in and around the area, you are welcome to visit their booth to try the latest disposable vapes.


Best disposable vape


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