BecoVape Invites You to Visit InterTabac and InterSupply Dortmund 2023

by Ivy Simpson on Sep 08, 2023

BecoVape Invites You to Visit InterTabac and InterSupply Dortmund 2023

From September 14-16, Dortmund, Germany will host the latest instalment of InterTabac, one of Europe's most influential vaping conferences. The Beco team is travelling to Dortmund to personally welcome all vapers and showcase our latest products.

InterTabac has been a landmark event for many years with a growing focus on vaping, bringing together the world's top manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Beco recognises Europe as a leading hub of the vaping industry, and InterTabac is a fantastic opportunity to continue our journey of growth.Ā 

During the upcoming event, we will proudly exhibit our pioneering advancements and cutting-edge technologies, which offer an unparalleled vaping experience. Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in contests, win prizes, and be the first to experience the latest Beco products!

What will we be demonstrating at InterTabac Dortmund?

We will be showcasing our best-selling Beco Beak 600 with its unique ergonomic mouthpiece and compact form factor, which has become a major hit in Europe.Ā 

Additionally, we look forward to exhibiting the Osens M, featuring our proprietary RevMesh coil technology, ensuring optimal vaping performance, and a unique V-shaped airflow design that evenly distributes vapour with every puff.Ā 

Moreover, as concerns for protecting the environment are rising, Beco takes this issue seriously. We look forward to introducing a new pod-based device which delivers a greener vaping experience.Ā 

Finally, we will be showcasing the Beco Mate C3, with all-new short airway design, which delivers maximum vapour density and flavour output.Ā 

Beco's professional team will provide insights into the latest trends in the industry, comprehensive information on how our products meet regulatory requirements, and offer expert recommendations for developing your business, including exclusive partnership opportunities with Beco.

What entertainment and offers will be available at InterTabac?

We have prepared a wide range of activities and offers for InterTabac, to ensure an engaging and valuable experience Customers who will subscribe Becoā€™s social media accounts will have the opportunity to spin a roulette wheel, with plenty of amazing prizes to be won.

Attendees can share their favourite InterTabac moments with our official Instagram and Facebook accounts to win a free Beco Beak 600. Finally, when you purchase any Beco Osens M, you will receive a 50% discount on a Beco Beak 600!

Your feedback matters

Throughout InterTabac, our professional team will take the time to interview customers and gather feedback about Beco products. As a token of appreciation for your time and thoughts, you will receive a complimentary Beco Beak 600.

Where to find us at InterTabac

If you're planning to visit InterTabac or InterSupply, we invite you to meet our team, try Beco products or just have a conversation at booth WH.E04.



We look forward to talking with you in Dortmund!

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