Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight/ Gain Weight

by Alan Johnson on Dec 20, 2022

Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight/ Gain Weight

Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight or Gain Weight?

Weight gain and weight loss are two of the bubbliest topics when it comes to vaping. The reason is quite obvious. So many people are searching for the fastest route to losing their belly fat which took years to build up. And you can hardly blame them because that is the myth they're familiar with (that e-cigarettes help you to lose weight). But does it really?

It is also intriguing to note that many people started vaping for the exact opposite reason. In other words, they subscribed to the myth that vaping helps you to gain weight. So, can the use of e-cigars do two contrasting things at the same time? Well, we are about to find out in this article. So, make sure you read till the end.

The Myth:Ā Where Does the Idea "Vaping Can Help with Weight Lossā€ Come from?

Have you ever heard that vaping causes weight loss? If yes, have you tried investigating the authenticity of this claim? If not, well, you might want to. Simply because the myth could lead to adverse effects for you or it could raise false expectations in your mind about vaping.Ā Ā 

Now, letā€™s bust these myths. Are you ready?

Most people get this idea of vaping and weight loss from the remarkable flavors that come from the vapes. Most disposable or long-term vapes come in different flavors. And you get to pick which you want to use based on your flavors preferences. But do these flavors mean you are having a sweet treat or eating junk? No. As a matter of fact, most e-liquids are made up of two primary ingredients, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Both have really minute calorie values, around 4kcal per ml. Now, let's make it clearer for you in context ā€“ a single digestive biscuit is 71kcals.

As a matter of fact, calories have different ways they interact with the body system based on the way they come into the body. Thus, calories that come in via ingestion are calculated based on energy released when burned under lab conditions. But those that come into your body through inhalation are processed differently and scarcely add up to the calorific value of general calories taken in. Little wonder that the calorie value listed on some e-liquids is just the energy value for the substance in the bottle. And that is largely because they do not have a direct connection with the increase in weight of your body.


Does Vaping Make You Lose Weight?

First, what is vaping? It is the inhalation of vapor created by an electronic cigarette. Now, the major question is, "does the inhalation of these vapors add any calory to the human body, and does it take from it?". The answer is pretty straightforward in this context. No! There is no active addition of weight to your body when you vape. And the same way, vaping barely uses up calories in your body.

Vaping is different from eating. Eating helps you pile up some calories that would benefit your body and ultimately add some extra pounds to your flesh. Vaping contains barely any calories for you to burn. And for weight loss, since vapes are healthier replacements for smoking, your appetite and desire to eat food remain pretty normal. So, it does not strongly affect your desire to eat and lead a normal nutritional life.

Thus, there is no exact link between when you use vapes and the weight loss in your body. So, guess what? Myth busted!

Nicotine and Your Metabolism

It is important to understand that everything you do to your body will make some impact on it. Vaping inclusive. Vapes are used by most people as an alternative to smoking, especially when they are trying to go on a smoking-free spree toward a healthier journey. You should understand that cigarettes and tobaccos contain a high dose of nicotine. But what is the effect of nicotine on the chemical processes that go on in the body to maintain life?

First, nicotine is an appetite suppressant. And being found more in cigars and tobacco, it greatly affects those who smoke. Their desire to eat and feed gets weakened over time. And this can be linked to how nicotine hits reduce the moisture level in the mouth's ecosystem. The sensational parts of the mouth that trigger taste and saliva are not so dominant due to smoking. As a result, heavy smokers find it difficult to eat as much as they should because nicotine has suppressed their appetite and overall desire to eat.

Hence, many of these smokers present with weight loss over time because their appetites are not so strong. Thus, they are no food for their body to process. As a result, your metabolic activities are inhibited by the food you cannot take in.


Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking?

Smoking, like vaping, also involves inhalation. However, the former involves the inhalation of much stronger doses of nicotine. And since nicotine adversely affects your desire when it comes to the intake of food, then it also impacts your bodyā€™s breakdown of food since there is nothing to work on at all.Beco Pro

Thus, this means once smoking is out of the picture, the body would react to a new reality. The appetites would begin to come back to normal. And the food intake would be on the increase. So, you can expect to see more physical changes as a result of lifestyle changes when it comes to smoking.Ā Ā 


Will Quitting Nicotine Cause Weight Gain?

Nicotine, as explainedĀ earlier,Ā suppresses your desire to eat. So, if your mouth and body generally no longer interact with nicotine, it then begins to desire more food. This is both physiological and psychological. But largely, you can begin to observe certain bodily changes due to more consistent eating habits.

Vapes sometimes come with nicotine. But they come in healthier amounts than what is contained in most tobaccos. So, your eating habits are, to a large extent, preserved when you use vapes.



Vaping is one of the surest ways to break free from addictive smoking habits. Unfortunately, the latter has a direct, howbeit, adverse link to your body weight gain or loss. Wouldn't you choose the healthier path of vaping today?

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