Easter gems from Beco or what to vape this Easter ?

by SHERGINA ASYA on Mar 19, 2023

Easter gems from Beco or what to vape this Easter ?

Easter is just around the corner! Are you ready for a feast, a get-together with family and a meeting with friends? At Beco we approach this celebration thoroughly, so today we tell you not only about the surprises we have prepared, but also about what to vape this Easter!

Firstly, you have the opportunity to surprise your loved ones or yourself by building your own Easter egg! If you choose any Beco product, for which, by the way, 10% discount applies, and add an egg to the cart, you will receive an Easter egg with the products you have chosen.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to give yourself a surprise gift and try your luck! For this purpose, we have specially prepared a Beco Mystery Egg with 4 popular Beco products for only $42! How would you feel if you had a mystery box on your doorstep? Be sure that such a gift will cause you great delight!

Since the symbol of Easter is the bunny, we have chosen the Easter flavors according to his favorite treats. In case you did not know, most rabbits have a sweet tooth and love to eat fresh fruits and berries.

Beco Beak 600 - Crispy Apple

One of Rabbit's favorites is apple, so we couldn't help but pick up the rich apple flavor of Beco Beak 600, which delivers a luxurious taste and the ultimate smooth vaping experience!

Beco Pro - Banana Pineapple

Beco Pro is the top seller of all sales, and its wonderfully rich blend of ripe, sweet pineapple and banana will bring many positive emotions to the biggest sweet tooth, it's really worth a try!

Beco Mate - Strawberry Burst

Who doesn't like strawberries? And rabbits just love them! The strawberry flavor of Beco Mate is a real treat for the taste buds and leaves the aftertaste of a bright and ripe berry in the mouth!

Beco Plush - Watermelon Ice

Mixologists at Beco have apparently squeezed out 16 milliliters of delicious watermelon juice and filled it with the powerful, amazing and thoughtful Beco Plush!

Beco Soft- Blueberry Raspberry

And finally, we offer to indulge your inner rabbit with a blend of raspberries and blueberries from Beco Soft, which will bring you joy with every puff!

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