How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last

by Alan Johnson on Jul 26, 2022

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Vaping shouldn't end with taking a few puffs from your vape. It is meant to be enjoyed for a long time. However, some vapes may not last, including disposable vapes, which have been trending since 2020. You can easily get stressed changing vapes now and then. So, the question is, how long do disposable vapes last? And how do you preserve the lifespan of your vape?

To determine how long a disposable vape should last, you need to consider several factors. These factors include the battery, the type of disposable vape, and the e-liquid capacity. Many people may measure the longevity of a vape by how many puffs you can take from the vape. But the volume of puffs you can take still hinges on the said factors. Now, how do these factors affect the longevity of a vape?



The battery is the power source of your vape. Without it, your vape would not function optimally. If the battery in your disposable vape runs out, you will be unable to take any more puffs from the vape. This means that the battery directly affects the volume of puffs you can take from your vape.

For most disposable vapes, you can't charge the battery. This means that if the battery runs out before you can finish the vape, that is the end. However, many rechargeable disposable vapes like Beco, Geek Bars, Hyde, and Esco Bars are on the market today. And with them, you can vape till the very last drop of the e-liquid.

You should understand that many vape brands have the batteries calculated. And it is done in such a way that the vape liquid would have been exhausted before the battery dies. So, if you want to avoid the battery running out before the juice, you should do some extra research before you make your vape purchase.


Liquid capacity

The vape's volume capacity is also essential for how long disposable vapes last. This is because the larger the capacity of the vape to hold juice, the longer you can enjoy it. Vapes vary in capacity. And this is usually influenced by the different vape brands in the market. For example, disposable vape pods can hold between 2ml to 12ml of e-liquid.

Therefore, depending on your level of vaping, you would always find something that works perfectly for you, whether you prefer vaping seldomly or you are a strong vaper. There is a vape capacity for you. And that would determine how long it lasts. A disposable vape that contains 2ml e-liquid can last 400-500 puffs. Similarly, the one pre-filled with 12ml e-liquid will likely last about 5000 puffs.



This is a factor that most people ignore. Tuning the vape's temperature to a high level always seems tempting. It is a preferred vaping experience for some. However, you should realize that it is unsuitable in the long run. The temperature at which the vape is set should consistently match closely with the present temperature. Otherwise, the disposable vape would not last.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. The higher the temperature setting, the faster the vape coil would burn. And if the coil burns out earlier than expected, you will be unable to keep using the vape.


Proper storage for maximum usage

Here is another contributing factor that many neglect. It matters where you keep your vape. You should take proper care of the vape and ensure the best storage possible for it.

It is also advisable to store it at room temperature. If the temperature is lower, it would require more power and time to get it to the desired heat level before use. And if you are unable to store it at room temperature, you can hold it in your hands for a few minutes to heat it before you start to vape.


How often you draw

How often you take a puff determines how fast the vape’s liquid is exhausted. And once this happens, the vaping experience is pretty much over.

Most small-capacity vapes in the hands of a frequent user last three to five days. However, other disposable vapes with normal use last longer than that. Hence, there is no surprise that frequent vapers finish their disposable vapes quickly compared to other users.


Length of the draw

If you take deep long draws on your vape, there are higher chances that your vape will finish faster. The reason is simple. There is more e-liquids consumption with each puff you take. And it would quickly run out that way.

So, your use of the e-juice is more when you take a long draw. And your best bet is to find a balance between the length you inhale the puffs and the frequency of your vaping.


Type of disposable vape you are using

The type of vaporizer you also use largely affects how long your vaping experience lasts. And it is not challenging to pick one since we have limited vape pen types.


  • Single-fill disposable pens

If you are new to vaping, this is the recommended one for you. These pens are usually pre-filled and pre-charged for you. Hence, you do not have to worry about filling the e-juice. They last between 24 to 72 hours (i.e., 1-3 days) based on how frequently you vape.


  • Refillable disposable vape pens

These disposable vapes are slightly advanced. They have about 6ml of e-juice capacity. They also can provide up to 200 puffs depending on the drawing technique. Note that these pens are refillable but not rechargeable.


  • Refillable rechargeable disposable pens

These vapes are the most popular. They require minimal to no cleaning and maintenance. And they can also be recharged and refilled. They are the most advanced, with great battery life and large e-juice capacity. So, naturally, they last longer than the other two categories.

As noted earlier, there is always something for you, irrespective of your vaping preferences. There are different disposable vapes in the market. However, the Beco premium quality disposable vapes are available to meet your preferences and vaping styles. They include:

  • Beco Pro:The Beco Pro¬†elevates the vaping experience. Just by adjusting the slider bar, you enjoy two different vaping experiences. And not only that, but you can also enjoy up to 6000 puffs for 10-day vaping powered by a type-C rechargeable 650mAh inbuilt battery and 12ml e-liquid.
  • Beco Dew:You enjoy a richer taste and a more consistent vaping experience with Beco Dew. This is made possible by the shortened air pipes that enable bigger vaping clouds. Also, it boasts of 1200MAh battery that allows up to 4500 puffs without charging.¬†¬†
  • Beco Mate:This vape bursts with amazing flavor. They are available and pre-filled with 2ml of salt nicotine e-liquid. Interestingly, Beco Mate disposable vape kits contain about 550 puffs of vaping experience.


In conclusion, your vaping experience does not have to be cut short. You can always enjoy it as much as you like. And the tips to ensure this have been highlighted above. Try them out and see if your vapes last longer.


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