Katja Krasavice Favourite Vape is the Beco Beak 600 - Here’s Why

by Ivy Simpson on Aug 11, 2023

Katja Krasavice Favourite Vape is the Beco Beak 600 - Here’s Why

Katja Krasavice, a singer, rapper, model, and judge of talent search show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” ("Germany is looking for the Superstar") is one of Germany’s most recognisable performers. Her multi-talented profile and fearless self-expression has made her a rising star in Germany and beyond, achieving chart-topping success domestically and several high-profile hits across Europe.

In a recent video explaining the 10 most important things she takes with her when going out, Katja ranked her Beco Beak 600 vape as the second most important device. Katja noted that she had tried a lot of vaping brands, but the Beco Beak 600, particularly in Strawberry Ice and Marshmallow flavours, stood out from the crowd as clear winners. Coming from someone with experience in selecting the very best from a large crowd, this is quite the compliment for Beco!

Indeed, Katja Krasavice seemingly finds the Beco Beak 600 so satisfying that she has been spotted using the compact device during filming of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, a testament to its ability to deliver rapid, convenient satisfaction.

So, what makes the Beco Beak 600 special? First up is the specially designed heating and airflow system. The Beco Beak 600 is features a fast-heating coil with direct airflow design. This allows the coil inside to heat instantly, while airflow travels in a short direct path. This results in an ultra-smooth draw and vibrant flavour with every puff. The Beco Beak 600 is available in 10 flavours, and each one has been individually formulated to provide the perfect balance of authenticity, sweetness and a pleasant aftertaste.

Next is the unique ergonomic mouthpiece. The Beco engineering team noticed that the mouthpieces found on many vaping devices were the same, so they spend time creating a unique curved “beak” mouthpiece that provides comfort and a perfect seal, ensuring maximum flavour and nicotine delivery.  

Finally, there’s style. Beco Beak 600’s unique look and vibrant colours allows vapers to match their favourite flavours with outfits, while carrying a sleek, modern, and stealthy device that easily fits into any pocket, purse or bag. There’s nothing quite like it on the market.

Beco is a leading e-cigarette brand, dedicated to innovation in the vaping space and implementing customer-led advancements to create the most convenient alternatives to combustible tobacco. Thanks to Katja Krasavice for supporting Beco!

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