VAPER'S TONGUE: What Is It, and How to Solve It?

by Alan Johnson on Sep 25, 2022

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What Is Vape Tongue, and How to Solve It?

Itā€™s been an eventful day. And as usual, you pick up your vape to relax. So, you grab the best vapor flavor you have to take a draw, but something has changed. The taste isn't what it used to be. Or you taste nothing at all. It's the exact product you've always bought, yet it isn't the same. Something is off. What's going on? Well, you may have the dreaded vaperā€™s tongue. While thisĀ might beĀ a big concern,Ā youĀ donā€™t need to fret. It is not a death sentence. In this article, weā€™ll walk you through theĀ whole vaperā€™s tongue process and how to solve it. Ready? Read!


What is Vaperā€™s Tongue?

Vaper's tongue, also known as vaper's fatigue, is a common condition among vapers. And guess what, it can come on without warning and disappear just as quickly. It is a taste-related ailment that arises mostly when a vaper constantly uses one type of vapeĀ flavor. However, there are other reasons responsible for it.Ā No matter the reason,Ā don't be scared if itĀ happens to you. This phenomenon is common to pretty much vapers of all levels.

Essentially, vaperā€™s tongue is a change in the way you experience vapeĀ flavor. And when that happens, tastes you normally love can lose their flavor or become unpleasant. Fortunately, vaperā€™s tongue is usually preventable. And beyond that, it is temporary as well.

Ā What is vaper's tongue andf how to solve it


Symptoms of Vaperā€™s Tongue

  1. Tastelessness

The most common symptom of vaperā€™s tongue is the loss of the abilityĀ to taste the flavour of your chosen e-liquid. What happens here is that you lose your tongue's sensitivity to pick and relish your vape flavour. It could come as a numb feeling on your tongueĀ or as an unpleasant taste experience altogether, even though you are taking your favourite flavour.


  1. Thick Tongue Coating

Another related symptom of vaperā€™s tongue is the sensation of having a thick coating on your tongue. This happens as a buildup over time from taking the vapeĀ juice. Many believe it is the cause of your inability to taste your favorite flavour. And yes, this togue coating can be detoxified and removed.


To be honest, we know that these symptoms arenā€™t particularly enjoyable. After all, who likesĀ losing their sense of taste or any form of oral disorder at that?Ā However, these gustatory (taste) abnormalities should not impact your nicotine absorption and vapor production itself. So, even if you're suffering from vaper's tongue and vaping with nicotine, youā€™ll still get your nicotine hit. This happens,Ā especially if you are vaping with nicotine to help you quit smoking.


What Causes Vaper's Tongue?

  1. Vaping a flavour too long: When you try out new vaping flavours, that could help your taste buds to get to work on different sensations. But, on the flip side, sticking toone flavour could cause vaperā€™s fatigue.

  2. Damaged taste buds: If you have damaged taste buds or an underlying oral health challenge, this could cause vaper's tongue.
  3. Dehydration: Vaperā€™s tongue can occur when you are not taking enough wateror you are just generally dehydrated.
  4. Mouth dryness: Here's the way the human taste bud operates. There are numerous receptors on the tongue, also known as taste buds. But they need saliva to work well. Vaping could be a cause of dry mouth. And if that happens, you won't be able to taste vape as you usually do.
  5. Blocked nose: The gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) senses are directly connected in the human anatomy. Hence, your inability to taste well could simply be a result ofa blocked nose.
  6. Illnesses & Medicines: Certain medications you take could be responsible for your vaperā€™s tongue. Or you may simply have an illness that affects your ability to taste things.
  7. E-Liquid out-of-date: Vaperā€™s tongue could come because you took an expired vape or e-liquid. So, make sure that your vaporizer is used for fresh vape juice.


Tips To Avoid Getting Vaper's Tongue

As mentioned earlier, itā€™s good to know vaperā€™s fatigue is preventable. Below are the basic points to note to successfully prevent it.

  1. Drink more water: To prevent vaperā€™s fatigue, your first resort should always be staying hydrated. Drink a lot of water and other drinks. This will help your tongue to produce enough saliva, which is a catalyst for picking tastes.
  2. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol: Yes, we just said to take enough drinks, but not caffeine and alcohol (diuretic drinks). These drinkshave the opposite effect of water on the body. Rather than increasing hydration, they make you dehydrated. So, reduce caffeine and alcohol intake to avoid vaperā€™s tongue.
  3. Use an oral hydration product: To increase the functionalities of your taste buds, you could also take oral hydration products to increase saliva production in your mouth.
  4. Clean your tongue: Make it a habit to brush your teeth, take care of your mouth, and clean your tongue at least twice a day.
  5. Stop smoking: Cigarette has an incredibly negative impact on our health. So, you should quit smoking as it also makes your mouth dry. Stopping would stop the bad effect it has on your taste organ, so you can fully enjoy the taste of your preferred vape.
  6. Take longer breaks between vapes: Reduce your vaping frequency. Vaping without taking considerably long breaks could cause vaper's tongue.
  7. Switch juices: There are multiple variants of vape juices for you to choose from. When you switch juices, it helps to prevent vaperā€™s tongue.
  8. Try a mentholated or cooling flavor: This would help give your taste receptors a jumpstart and refresh. You can always feel the cooling effect of menthol flavoured vape juices. And that can help to prevent and even cure a vaper's tongue.
  9. Vape unflavored e-liquid: Avoid using unflavoured e-liquid as well. They can damage the taste buds. Instead, use well-flavoured vapes to increase your taste receptors' operations.


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