What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

by Alan Johnson on Jul 04, 2022

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

If you consider adopting vaping as a healthy replacement for smoking, you might want to know what’s in it for you. It is no longer secret that smoking is dangerous to health, so quitting the self-destructive habit is a step in the right direction. But first, what is vaping?


 What is Vaping?

 For clarity’s sake, let’s define vaping and what it entails. Vaping is consuming or inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette (also called an e-cigarette) and other vaping devices. The vape exposes a liquid to heat and generates steam.  

The vaping liquid is made of less harmful chemicals and flavorings than tobacco and Marijuana. There are different vaping devices, including e-cigarettes, pens, and hookahs. Vaping is generally considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.


What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Since it has been established that vaping is less harmful than smoking, most smokers have taken to the healthier innovation. But, of course, you are probably curious to know the bodily reactions that might surface when you quit smoking and start vaping. If so, feel free to satisfy your curiosity below!


 The Timeline

20 Minutes Post Smoking

Your heart rate and blood pressure will become more stable


 2 Hours Post Smoking

 Expect the first symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. However, if you immediately switch to a vape infused with nicotine liquid, you might not experience any withdrawal symptoms. Also, your blood circulation will improve at this time.


12 Hours Post Smoking

 Carbon monoxide, one of the dangerous compounds associated with smoking, begins to exit your body. The compound is highly poisonous. It attaches to blood cells in the bloodstream and impedes their interaction with oxygen. This is why many diehard smokers battle cardiovascular issues. The good news is that vaping devices haven’t the slightest trace of carbon monoxide.


24 Hours Post Smoking

 As carbon monoxide exits your bloodstream, your heart starts the much-needed reparation process. The blood cells relish their long-awaited freedom and effectively bond with oxygen. Your lungs will also begin afresh and eliminate unwanted debris and mucus accumulated over time.


 48 Hours Post Smoking

 You will regain your sense of taste and smell. You will appreciate the scent of hot baking bread and simmering coffee. You will relish the wholesome taste of fresh vegetables and all your favorite meals. As a matter of fact, you will regret not quitting cigarettes earlier. The unfortunate thing about smoking is that it produces toxins that damage the oral and nasal receptors. In other words, it drastically reduces your sense of taste and smell. So, 48 hours after quitting, you will regain and cherish this lost body function.


 72 Hours Post Smoking

 Your body will enjoy an optimum sense of well-being. Most people that quit smoking for vaping often report healthier breathing patterns within three days. This is expected because the respiratory cavity has undergone a thorough cleanse.


 2 Weeks Post Smoking

 You will notice an increased sense of well-being. Your circulatory and respiratory functions will significantly improve.


 1 Month Post Smoking

 By this time, your lungs would have made maximum use of their cilia. The cilia is a microscopic, hair-like appendage found in the lungs. It serves to eliminate microbes and debris from your airways. Smoking fills the airways with tar and whatnot and impedes the function of the cilia. But with these out of the way, the cilia will regain mobility and get to work. As a result, you will become less prone to microbial infections.


3 to 9 Months Post Smoking

 After 3-9 months without Tobacco and other harmful substances, you may notice that your long-time ailments like cough, wheezing, and breathing difficulties have taken a bow. Your lungs will appreciate and reward your life-altering decision to ditch cigarettes and embrace vaping. You will slowly bid goodbye to the devastating effects of carbon monoxide, tar, and toxins!


 5 Years Post Smoking

 In as little as a year after you quit smoking, your risks of contracting cardiovascular and respiratory diseases will significantly reduce. 5 years later, these risks will reduce by a whopping 50%. Ultimately, the longer you steer clear of smoking, the lower your risks! And not to worry, vaping won’t maximize your risks as it is about 95% less harmful than smoking.


10 Years Post Smoking

 10 years after you quit smoking, your chances of developing lung cancer will decrease by 50%. In fact, you will have the same reduced likelihood of having a heart attack as someone who has never smoked. 10 years without carbon monoxide, tar, carcinogens, and toxins are synonymous with premium health and well-being. And even if you are still vaping with a nicotine-infused e-liquid, the effects are no more harmful than the effects of caffeine!

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Withdrawal Symptoms to Expect When you Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Transitioning from smoking to vaping comes with a few manageable side effects, including:



 You are bound to suffer headaches when you start vaping from smoking. This is primarily due to changes in nicotine levels. E-liquids come with a range of strengths, so it takes some getting used to. And when your body consumes more or less nicotine than it is used to, you may get headaches, nausea, and chills. Thankfully, you only have to try the different strengths to find the vape that best suits your body.


 Oxygen Dizziness

 Smoking affects proper blood circulation. So, when you switch to vaping, your circulatory system will experience renewed function, and your body will get appropriate oxygen levels. But because you are not accustomed to the proper oxygen levels, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy as your brain adjusts to the status quo. However, this should resolve in a few days. Otherwise, you might be consuming more nicotine than required. In this case, get a lower-strength E-liquid or take smaller puffs!



 Coughing is probably the most common side-effect associated with vaping. Once you ditch cigarettes, the tar and debris accumulated in your lungs will start breaking down. As such, you will cough out the dirt as phlegm. Though coughing is nowhere near pleasant, it is necessary to cleanse your airways. Take lots of water to help accelerate the cleansing process.


 More Benefits of Quitting Smoking for Vaping

 Beco soft vape kitWhen you quit smoking and start vaping, you reap many benefits that transcend physical benefits. These include but are not limited to:

  •  Social Life Upgrade — Your social life will significantly improve. You will have more confidence in your social skills and enjoy a robust relationship with people from all walks of life.
  •  Laser Focus and Concentration — You will become more present in the moment and appreciate the little things that go unnoticed.
  •  Financial Control — You will save lots of money you’d otherwise spend on cigarettes and Marijuana. You will become more financially responsible and prudent.



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