Where and When Do You Love to Vape

by Alan Johnson on Aug 02, 2022

favorite time or place to vape

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Vape, and Why?


We’ve all had a sneaky vape somewhere that probably wasn’t ideal, but there’s a good chance we all have our favorite places to vape at the same time. Some may just be memorable times and locations that you’ve vaped. Others could be a regular favorite location that you love to fire your vape up at.

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One of the best things about vaping is that it’s 100% portable. You can take your vaporizer with you, and this allows you to vape while you have fun or even experience some of the most scenic locations in the world.

At the same time, you can whip out your vaporizer and have a vape almost 24/7, day or night. So when you compare vaping to smoking, you really have so many more options. For a lot of people, vaping has changed their lives.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at some of the regular and popular places and times that vapers love to get their vape on! If you have a favorite location or regular place to vape, then drop a comment below! We’d love to hear about it!


Some of the Most Popular Vaping Locations and Occasions!

We all have our favorite places to vape. For some people, their favorite place could be the beach, a scenic lookout, or just relaxing and chilling with friends. One of the best things about vaping is that you can pretty much take your vaporizer with you wherever you go. We know that there are some places you’re not allowed to vape, but there are also some great locations out there in the world where you can fire up your vaporizer and relax.


Below are just some of our favorite places and times to vape!

Favorite vape When You Wake Up

One of the first things that many vapers do when they wake up is reach for their vape and load up with their favorite breakfast vape liquid. I know it’s one of the first things that I do! When you wake up, do you grab your drink of choice and have a quick vape, or do you wait a little while until you’ve been awake longer? You’ve probably heard of ‘wake and bake,’ but are you part of the wake and vape crew?


While You’re At Work

Vaping while you work is great if you work from home, work remotely, or even work outdoors. While not all of us are fortunate to work remotely or outdoors, or in a workplace where we can vape the day away, vaping during the day on your work breaks is still a pretty popular place for everyone to fire up their vapes. There’s nothing like breaking up a long and boring day at work by blowing some clouds of your favorite vape juices. Are you lucky enough to be able to vape while you’re at work, or do you have to wait for your breaks so that you don’t catch heat from the boss?


While You Enjoy A Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? Even if you don’t love traditional coffee and prefer iced coffee or tea, or even an energy drink, vaping while you enjoy your drink is incredible! It’s easy to fall into a habit. Vaping replaces traditional cigarettes for many people, giving them another option. However, smoking and having a cup of coffee or a drink is a big part of many people’s routines, and vaping generally falls into that category. If you love a good vape and a drink, then drop us a comment below with your favorite drink!


Hanging with Friends

Hanging with friends, throwing a frisbee, having a few drinks, or rocking out at a concert are all great social occasions, and vaping definitely goes well during gathering with friends. We’ve come a long way from being stuck in small rooms while someone blows cigarette smoke in our faces. Do you and your friends like to hang out and vape together? Compare your vapes, share your favorite vape liquids, and much more! If you love hanging out with friends and vaping, then you’re our kind of people!  


While You Party

Who doesn’t love a good party? It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. If you love vaping and partying, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be doing both as often as possible! There are a bunch of reasons to have a party. Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, holiday events, and many more. It’s not unusual these days to find a group of vapers hanging out together at a party and talking about their favorite eliquids or vape mods. If you love to party and vape, there’s a good chance that we might meet up at a party one night!


Where Do You Love to Vape? – Conclusion

That is just some of our personal favorite times and places to fire up our vaporizer! One of the great things about vaping is that it’s very personal. When and where you enjoy vaping could be completely different from someone else, and that’s okay!

Do you have a favorite place or time to vape? Share some of the best times you have ever vaped below! We’d love to hear all about some of the places you get to fire up your vaporizer.

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