Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt

by Alan Johnson on Nov 29, 2022

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt


Of course, vapes are designed to help you have a nice time. But then, it’s possible to experience a displeasing taste, such as an unexpected burnt flavor, during your vaping sessions. And this can be quite upsetting. Imagine. Instead of enjoying a seamless flow of hits, you are met with a nasty burnt taste as you take each draw. You will likely start thinking that the vape you got is low quality. And frustration may just naturally set in. We understand this, and we are here to help you navigate an episode like this.

First, there are a couple of reasons for this burnt taste that coasts vape puffs. And some of them are explained below.

Reasons Why Your Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt

  • Dry Hits¬†

A major reason you might have experienced a burnt taste while vaping is dry hits. This happens particularly when there are not enough e-liquids that fully soak in the cotton wick. Thus, when you draw on the vape, the coil in the device burns the dry cotton, which naturally brings out the dry hit.

Now, this is a twist. If you decide to continue vaping in this kind of situation, you will eventually burn the cotton. And you would need to dispose of it. However, not necessarily. There are a number of things you could adjust before deciding to throw your vape away.
  • Burnt Hits

Burnt hits occur when the wick in the vaping device has completely burnt. It is usually a by-product of consistent vaping, even after hitting a dry hit. A feature of this kind of hit is that the mouth is full of vapor with a burnt flavor. The interesting thing about this hit is that it could result from a faulty vape. Thus, if the vape is malfunctioning, it could trigger the coil to work in the wrong way. And that could cause a dry effect on the cotton wick, which then makes it begin to burn.


  • Not Enough Vape Juice

Puffs emerge when e-liquids are heated up and turned into vapors. However, if there is an empty pod, there is nothing to heat up. In the same way, if there is not enough that the vape can work with, there is bound to be a burnt flavor that goes on to irritate your throat.
You should note that this can be common to many vapes. And it can also be avoided. So, a burnt flavor is a knock away when proper attention is not paid to your vape's e-liquid level and quantity.
Though getting a burnt vape flavor is possible, it is not a normal occurrence. If you pay attention to details in your vaping habits, you will most likely avoid such a burnt taste. Let’s take a look at some major ways to avoid burnt tastes when vaping.


How to Avoid Burnt Tastes When Vaping

  • Stop Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the act of drawing a lot of puffs from your vape in a short time to get a higher intensity of nicotine hit.Beco Pro Rechargeable disposable vape People who are looking to quit smoking mostly fall as habitual chain vapers. However, stopping chain vaping would cause your vape to have a longer life span. That is, your vaping device's coils are not burning extremely fast. So it can work more effectively as it should.
By simply stopping chain vaping, you avoid burnt hits. How? When you puff extremely fast, the coils work harder, and that causes dry hits. First, because the coils are working overtime. And second, because the e-juice is reducing rapidly. So, with low e-liquid to work with, burnt hits and taste are the obvious aftermaths.
  • Check Vape Juice Level

Checking your vape juice level seems like a basic thing to do. However, it can save you a whole lot of stress. You can pick when the level is too low for an intense puffing session by keeping an eye on the vape juice level. And that would signal to you when it is time to refill your vape or get a new one altogether to get the premium and seamless vaping experience you so desire and deserve.


Other Common Problems with Disposable Vapes

If you own a disposable vape, you might encounter challenges in your vaping journey. However, most of them are resolvable. Some of the other common problems with disposable vapes include:


  • Not Hitting

The idea of hitting while vaping is a sensational feeling that comes with the inhalation of vape puffs. It is simply the pleasure gotten from the act of vaping itself. Thus, not hitting would mean you're denied such a pleasurable sensation when you take draws from your disposable vape. And this is not a natural phenomenon for most people with vaping. At the same time, it can be borne out of many different reasons. Some include malfunctioning devices, less nicotine than you require, etc.


  • Light Blinking

This has been a cause of worry for many owners of disposable vapes. When your vape blinks, it could result from various factors. However, some of them might not necessarily signal that the vaping device is faulty or needs to be changed. Lights blinking could also suggest a low battery, low e-liquids quantity, temperature change, etc. (Check out our article on this theme).


  • Less Flavor

You might be faced with a situation where your vape has less flavor than desired. And that could be because your e-juice is too heavy or because there is poor airflow in the vaping device. Also, it might be a result of a wrong mouthpiece, a blocked and flooded tank, or worn-out coils in the vape.

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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt - Conclusion

As a vaper, there are other problems that are peculiar to vaping that you might encounter. These include a leaking tank, getting a dry throat, gurgling noises, low nicotine hits, and so on.

Now, wrapping up, if you are looking to reduce the burnt flavor taste in your vaping experience, it’s important first to acknowledge its possibility, so you are not caught unawares. And the best way to go about it is by applying some of the solutions we have highlighted for you above. We wish you a great vaping experience!

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