Why Is My Disposable Blinking And How To Fix It

by Alan Johnson on Nov 23, 2022

Why is my disposable vape blinking when I just got it

Why Is My Disposable Blinking And How To Fix It?


Why Is My Disposable Blinking?

So, you just got this new disposable vape. And it starts to blink out of nowhere when you want to use it. Many thoughts willĀ likely run through your mind on what could have been the cause of this blinking. Is my disposable faulty,Ā or have I purchased a fake vape from theĀ vendor?

We understand that at the base of these thoughts is theĀ worry about not being able to enjoy the vape as you would want to. But donā€™t be afraid, because, most times, your disposable is not faulty. You only need to learn a couple of things about the blinking lights as it could, sometimes, be a result of low battery or low liquid. This articleĀ providesĀ all you need to know about the blinking lights on your disposable. Make sure you read till the end.


What Does It Mean When a Disposable Vape Blinks
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There are many reasons for blinking lights on your disposable vape. If you have been using the disposable for some days and you see blinking light, that could be the vape telling you that it is coming to the end of its natural use. And you simply need to get a new one. In this case, it is the e-liquid that has run out. And since it is disposable, it cannot be refilled. Thus, you need to purchase anotherĀ device for a continuous vaping experience.


Some other times, if the device is low on battery or has a faulty one, the blinking lightsĀ also come on. This indicates that the device's power source is weak, and you need to do something about it or get a new one altogether.


At another time, especially if you just picked the disposable fresh out of the box and it begins to blink, that is a different case. In this case, the disposable is usually faulty and needs to be replaced. You can reach out to the company you bought it from to correct this anomaly.


Reasons for Disposable Blinking

You probably have a clue regarding the factors responsible now. But then,Ā here are the three (3)Ā main reasons why your disposable is blinking:


  • The battery is low or dead

Naturally, most vapes are prefilled with about 1.8ml of e-liquid. And they usually come with a battery capacity of 350mAh. Unfortunately, this is not a battery capacity that can last forever. Within two to three days of puffing, the battery would have gotten much weaker by use. Thus, a way to indicate to you that the battery is dead or low is through the blinking lights.Beco disposable vapes

So, noĀ worries. This is a normal phenomenon. And the battery capacity was intentionally made in a way that it would sufficiently last you throughout the phase of vaping the 1.8ml e-juice. It is only in rare cases when the battery is very weak or dead that it would not be able to power the vaping of the juice.


  • The e-juice is empty

A normal prefilled disposable can last up to 400 puffs! That means that 1.8ml e-juice capacity can last you up to that number of puffs. And it only makes sense (doesn't it?) that once you take 400 puffs, you should expect the vape to be empty or close to being so. And at this stage, the device begins to notify you that something is wrong with the e-liquid's content level through the blinking light. And this blinking happens even if the battery is not yet dead, but the liquid level is very low. Most people think that many vendors do not truly prefill the disposable with the said quantity, and that is why it finishes faster than they expect. This could also be a reason that the lights blink, to bring your attention to the low-level quantity of vapes.


  • Faulty Device,Your Brand-New Disposable not Heating

Here, the blinking lights bring your attention to the internal damage that might have occurred in the device. If the device probably drops into water or any of the internal cables get broken, then the disposable willĀ not be able to heat up the e-liquids in order to produce the vapors that are inhaled. Thus, the lights blink to tell you that something is internally wrong with the device.

So, is the case hopeless, or is your device gone once the blinking lights come on? Well, you can still fix your disposable vape. Here is how.


Disposable Vape Blinking: How To Fix It?Beco Lux

  • When the battery of your disposable vape is low or dead, then you can fix it by recharging it. Forsome disposable vapes, you can even get to change the battery altogether. These would help you to have a continuous vaping experience.
  • If the e-juice in your disposable is empty, then consider refilling your disposable vape with new e-liquids. Most of these e-juices are available online or in any of the vape stores around you.
  • For a faulty device, you would need a replacement from the company. Or you have to buy a new one, essentially. Sometimes, repairing the disposable vape may seem to be a long shot. But you should definitely look towards getting another device to continue your vaping venture.

How to Make More Use of a Disposable Vapeļ¼Ÿ

If you are looking to make more use of your disposable vape, then you should take proper care of them. A good way is by cleaning them occasionally. Dirt could clog up the vapes and make them malfunction. Thus, it is highly recommended that you periodically dismantle and clean it. Say at least once in 7 days. While cleaning, ensure you clean the thread carefully. Also, observe the battery and whether it has residue or not. If it does, take care of that.

Also, if you observe some mist coming from the liquid inside the vape, that could affect the battery and clearomizer. So, use materials like a paper towel to soak up the liquid and preserve the life span of your disposable vape.

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Where to Buy the Best Disposable Vapes (BECO)?

If you are looking to buy BECO vapes, the best disposable vapes available in the market, then you should buy online via A good alternative is to go to a vape shop near you to make your purchase.

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