Vaping Guide – Why You Cough When You Vape and How to Stop it

Vaping Guide – Why You Cough When You Vape and How to Stop it?

Coughing is an unwelcome experience. When you first switch to vape from smoking, it is veritably probably you will cough. Are you worried about it? Actually, this is a normal symptom for new vapers. As a survey reported, nearly 57% of people who vape told that they coughed for the earliest time vaping. Coughing when vaping is a temporary effect for utmost vapers, which will disappear when they get used to vaping.
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What is a Cough?

According to NHS, UK’s biggest health website, cough is a kickback action to clear the airways. It can be caused by drinking water or when trying to clear airways of smoke and vapour. Smoking cigarettes, with smoke passing through the airway and allowing poisons to enter the lungs, would develop long-term coughing and produce numerous serious illnesses.
That’s why some people choose vaping as a safer alternative.

Why Do You Cough When You Vape?

Coughing is common when first time vaping, and the unpleasant experience might turn some people back to smoke cigarettes. For most vapers, coughing when vaping is a temporary effect, which will no longer be a problem when they get used to vaping. However, some still experience coughing over weeks of vaping.

Two key contributing factors to vape coughing could be vaping technique and e-liquids. 

  • Wrong Vaping Technique

There are two types of devices when it comes to vaping technique, mouth-to-lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL).

For the majority of new vapers, they’re likely to use the same technique as they did with smoking cigarettes – mouth to lung technique. Some vape directly into the lungs in a low wattage, which can make a harsh hit on the throat. Others vape with a high wattage, making a burnt taste as their coils burnt.

Another big mistake you might make at your first vaping is holding the fire button before putting the device in your mouth. To start with this, the vapour you breath in will be too hot and too much, presumably making you cough.

  • Wrong Type of E-liquid

liquid contains various ingredients, one of the likely causes of coughing is the propylene glycol (PG). PG in E-liquid plays a role of carrying the flavor and giving a throat hit. If the PG level is too high, you will notice a harsh hit, causing a cough. Also, when you take in too much PG at once, your body will try to irritate it.  

Vegetable glycerine (VG) can be a factor too. VG is the component that produces the vapor. When it inhaled, your body may try to cough to clear your airways.

The nicotine strength of the e-liquid can also be a reason. Higher nicotine levels bring out a harsher hit and a cough.


How To Stop Vape Cough/ How to Cure Sore Throat from Vaping?

1. Experiment with Techniques

Experiment with techniques help find the right one for you. It’s recommended to start with Mouth-to-Lung vaping as it’s less likely to cause a cough. Taking a slower and lighter inhale until you get used to the vapor. Also you can longer your draws slowly until you discover the right vaping technique.

2. Change VG:PG Ratio

If you continue to suffer a vaping cough, try a E-liquid with different the VG:PG ratio. A lower PG and higher VG ratio may be smoother, and somehow can reduce coughing. However, E-juice with higher VG tends to contain less nicotine, which might leave you an unsatisfied experience. Therefore, try to change the VG:PG ratio to find a right balance to meet your requirements.

3. Experiment with Nicotine Levels

It is known that nicotine level can affect the throat hit. So you experience a cough, try an E-liquid with lower nicotine level may help. Especially when you vape in a high-powered device like a wattage output of 40w or further, it would be best to use E-juice with nicotine strength lower than 6mg.

4. Experiment with Nicotine Salt

If the throat hit from vaping making you cough, nicotine salts E-juice would be a worth-try. It is known that the throat hit was too harsh vaping high nicotine E-juice. Nicotine salts is a game changer that enables vapers to use higher nicotine level without feeling a harsh hit on the back of the throat. But noted that nicotine salts are best used in low-powered vape kit, such as a refillable vape pod or Pod mod.

5. Stay Hydrated

Propylene Glycol, bonding with the water in your slaver, could beget a dry mouth or cough. Drink extra water (up to 8 glasses of water a day is sort of standard medical advice) will help all of your freshly functions and could reduce your cough from vaping.

6. Lower the Wattage

One reason people got a vaping cough is that they are getting too much vapour. Adjust the power output and drop the wattage down to reduce your irritation. Also, a low-powered device will be a good choice.

7. Restrict Airflow

If you happened to buy a large vape mod, you may find that the amount of vapour might be too much. Adjusting/restricting the airflow will help lower the amount of vapor that you inhale. 

In Conclusion

It takes some time and sweats to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Don’t give up. Trial and error will help you get the vaping technique.

Making sure you’re vaping in the right way and using the right e-liquid for your device is crucial to having an pleasurable vaping experience.

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