Do Vapes Have Calories

Do Vapes Have Calories?

For those trying to follow a healthy diet, ensuring we don’t accidentally take in too many calories is highly important. And, if you’ve already been trying to quit smoking, there’s a good chance you’re trying to find new ways to lead a healthier lifestyle overall. So, this naturally then begs the question: do vapes have calories? And, if vape does contain calories, how much is there in one vape?

Indeed, while calorie consumption alone isn’t the sole contributor to weight management, it can certainly play a significant role in this. So, keeping a close eye on this is very important.

With this thought in mind, today, we’re looking at some of the key things you need to know about whether vapes have calories. Hopefully, this will help you find the optimal solutions and strategies for your own vaping goals, too. No matter the flavor you choose, we’ll help you understand whether that wonderfully sweet vape flavor also contains calories.

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What is a Calorie?

First, we need to address the crucial question: what is a calorie, anyway? Well, a calorie is really just a unit of measure. It provides a simple measurement of how much energy is contained within a particular food. A calorie is equivalent to the amount of energy taken to increase the temperature of a set volume of water by one degree.

As a general rule of thumb, most women need around 2000 calories per day to maintain weight, while most men need around 2500. However, this is only a rough estimate and everyone’s requirements will differ.

Do Vapes Have Calories?

So, now that we have clarified what a calorie is – does vape contain calories? It’s not always easy to answer questions such as “do vape pens have calories,” since at the outset, we automatically tend to assume that they must. After all, vapes have a sweet flavor – as such, there must be calories in one vape shot to provide this taste, right?

Well, yes – there are calories in vape, technically. However, the amount of calorie in a single vape shot is almost negligible, so you would have to be vaping a huge amount per day to see any noticeable difference in your health.

How Many Calories in a Vape?

When we look at a typical vape cartridge, which usually holds around 5 milliliters of liquid, the number of calories is exceptionally low. In fact, the amount of calories in vape juice usually works out at around four calories per ml. Interestingly, this actually comes from the vape juice itself rather than the combination of flavorings used to create the delicious taste of your favorite vapes.

With this thought in mind, an average vape juice cartridge (in its entirety) will only have around 20-25 calories. For reference, that’s roughly the same as eating a small carrot. And that’s for the entire cartridge – which you’re very unlikely to use up quickly!

Why do we say this? Well, based on a standard user’s vaping technique and vape juice strength, most puffs will only use about 1/100th of a millileter. If that sounds incredibly small, that’s because it is! With this thought in mind, if there are for calories in every ml of vape juice (roughly), each puff of your vape pen will give you around 0.04 calories. That’s next to nothing and likely will have so little impact on your body that you won’t even notice the difference.

Does Vaping Affect Blood Sugar Levels?

Due to the extremely low levels of sugar and energy in your vape juice, while the vape tastes incredibly sweet, in reality, this isn’t wholly the case; in fact, your vape juice is much more likely to provide next to no calories per puff. In line with this expectation, you shouldn’t experience any significant blood sugar spikes due to vaping.

However, it is important to recognize here that the risk of elevated blood glucose may be around 20% higher for individuals using a vape pen or e-cigarette compared to those who don’t. So, while you shouldn’t experience any blood sugar spikes due to vaping (since the number of calories in one vape is almost 0), it is potentially possible to experience elevated blood sugar due to vaping.

This trend may be due to the nicotine contained in some vapes, which may increase the level of insulin resistance in your body; so, if you are a diabetic, it’s worth looking out for nicotine-free vapes instead. And, if you experience any blood sugar spikes after vaping, be sure to stop immediately.

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Does Vaping Make You Lose or Gain Weight

Generally speaking, vaping won’t directly make you lose or gain weight. Notably, the number of calories in one vape is so low that you would need to go through multiple cartridges every day to see any slight changes in weight gain. That’s good news for people looking to maintain or lose weight, for sure!

However, while vapes won’t directly make you gain weight, they can potentially indirectly help you lose it! Indeed, by occupying your time with a vape pen, you might be less inclined to reach for snacks (the latter of which can be a major cause of weight gain for many people). In addition, some people experience appetite suppressing properties due to vaping, which could further cut your portion sizes and prevent you from overeating.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to lead a healthier lifestyle or lose / maintain weight, questions such as “do vapes have calories” are highly important to consider. Fortunately, while vape pens have calories in them, this is incredibly low. In fact, the number of calories in one complete vape cartridge is only around 25. Meanwhile, the number of calories in one vape puff is almost nothing, at around 0.04. As such, if you have been looking to try vaping but thoughts of calorie consumption have been holding you back, don’t worry – vaping is very nearly calorie-free!

Of course, it’s still worth keeping in mind that every vape cartridge will differ slightly in terms of chemical properties and makeup. With this thought in mind, if you want a more exact answer, it’s worth contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they can help further.

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